August 11, 2010


[source: modeman-which you can find on, google images :)]

don't they look :D

if you know me you know that I'm completely inspired by men's fashion and men's style, even thought they don't have the same type of fashion freedom to do as women do [although the old rules of fashion are changing, avant-garde baby!], but there ability to make a look so simple look so inspiring by just adding a little bit of detail from the cuffs to the low socks they always find something that when you look close enough makes you go.....[yeah speechless, well that happens to me!]
my dad is also someone that helped me learn to appreciate detail and the family member who I get my fashion gene from and because of him I learnt less is more and detailing is everything [the influence to my designs]!!!
this is just part one of my style inspiration: men; here I'll do different types of men's wear styles in themes, I'm starting off with the GQ man, who pays attention to detail and adores sophistication in his looks and dresses like his being force to go to an event with his girlfriend with a smile on his face, every single day [24/7]

men's inspired style is my ideal sense of style and because I'm in Ghana and many people don't understand fashion [only of a niche of them do], and fashion here is looking expensive basically, personal style by expression isn't something you see very often...but if I had to bring up a look it would be men inspired, and as you know you environment can sometimes dumb down your true style and because you style isn't in demand [apparel wise] you're forced to make your own style using what everyone else is wearing...sad isn't it!! :(