January 24, 2011


Jake Davis Test Shots: Joshua Kissi from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Was watching this video while on Street Etiquette. I just fell in love with it, everything he was saying was exactly how I felt. A lot of people feel like someone doesn't have the same opinion and to see that someone says the exact same thing is amazing and refreshing.
One thing that is crucial in everything he says is "classic style just means wearing things with longevity, not worrying about trends" - Amen!
*Film Director Jake Davis, he mixes style and music so well to properly execute the beauty in the outfit or the surroundings, style post done via video will get very popular if done "right" like this. Creative.

***a must watch video, very inspiring!


January 23, 2011


I love her style, or at least how they style her in her videos.
She is amazingly pretty, this look was from a video that I can't remember but it's so vintage and glamorous.

I miss those day where women dressed to look glamorous because they felt good, and fabulous was all they knew.

Who else thinks that shade of lipstick isn't just insanely sick??

Chrisette Michele - Epiphany.


January 21, 2011


PEACE IMAGES [amazing jewelry & accessories]: I love love her stuff, I already have a list of what I plan to get there. :)
I've been seeing a lot of designers, both big names and up and comers being inspired by African jewelry but none of them have brought to the table this much inspiration and creative genius.

You can just sense it, she's going places. :D
The creative brains is Camille Peace, she takes all the pictures herself and she donates a percentage of the proceeds to Thai Freedom House [*singing* AMAZING!] ... I had gone to her "about me" page and I couldn't summarize what she wrote, it was too perfect and a summary would have killed the message: [CLICK HERE] to read it! [trust me you should read it]
To check out her site and buy yourself [or a love one] something nice: Find her [HERE]
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/peaceimages
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/peaceimages
Tumblr: http://peaceimages.tumblr.com/
Blogger on our hands, people: http://peacemoves.blogspot.com/

Haven't really been in deep conversation with Camille, but will say this: she seems like she's just the nicest person, so don't be afraid to send her a message. [contact her]
***to view more images of her great work, you have to go to her store site and check it out, [the inspiration, it's addictive]


January 14, 2011


I love Scarlett Jo' but didn't know she could sing ... and the thing I love is the voice she has!
been a Pete Yorn fan for a long time now ... that's why I had to do a post of it, although it's not a new song. But I'm not sure a lot of people know about Pete Yorn's amazing talent!

***have a listen to it and tell me what you think ... this song and his album "Break Up" is amazing and great for when driving down town or just taking a drive and want to escape for a while.

You + Pete Yorn "Break Up" album = a nice drive and an escape.


January 5, 2011


was on the botkier webite and looky what was in my face unashamed.
these bags are just amazing pieces of architecture [look at the detail for heavens sake, crazy good] ... I would mind getting the blue or nude color bag.
:) . they're pricy [sadly] but nothing a little saving can't fix. officially on my wishlist.

SIDENOTE > I know I've been a bit M.I.A on my blog and with you guys, wrong "I know" . :(
but I'm going to get back to it and it's so wrong that I didnt wish you a

WELCOME YOU TO 2011 ... well "WELCOME!"