September 13, 2011


So it's been forever since I put up a review on amazing designers. My list has been piling up on worth while people you should get familiar with, it's time to cut it down.
I found out about this label Zashadu ages ago but couldn't find the time. Well, Zainab Shadu the designer who is from and based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her carefully handcrafted pieces use Nigerian leather which gets exported and treated in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Zainab says "exotic skins and rough cut semi-precious stones, each unique piece is a collector's dream." and who can disagree when so much YESness is in your face.
Now what you need to know about Zainab's designs, makes me sad but each unique piece has a limitation of only 50 made in the world, so start saving up. Need the clutches, they're my favorite!

You can find her and more of her growing collections *HERE

September 10, 2011


Photographer Brice Bischoff, this photographic collection "Bronson Caves". Brice Bischoff is a mystery with his personal profile but he translates himself through his work. His amazing work at the Bronson Caves where he got these shoots after sunset, these caves have been used as a film location mainly in science-fiction and western movies. Brice also has a *blog and HERE you can find the full facts on the Bronson Caves and maybe get the fascination with this place. I believe, knowing the history helps you understand the interest and the man who hangs tight to the interest.

Find his work HERE or website *HERE.