November 30, 2010


was at The Moptop Maven and found these on one of her post and had to share this with you, now did my research with these images and found out that they are from Ken Barboza Assosiates aka KBA Inc. ... now they weren't just these images. I actually found more there 'casue they are like an agency that represents photographers, hair & make-up artist [or separate], stylists and manicurists. THERE ARE A BUNCH OF TALENTED PEOPLE ON THERE...check it out, clicky click!
INSPIRATION TALK: when I saw these I was so hooked, 'cause I just felt an over load of inspiration. At times when I see images I get ideas of fashion sketches, and I got a lot of ideas from these and what I hate about looking at inspiring images is that, I can't make the things I design into reality at the moment so I'm stuck with stacks and stacks of filled sketch books and napkins [I sketch anywhere if there is no paper .lol. ]
check it: lately I've been featuring a lot of stuff I've been coming across [I must say loving it :D ]. And I actually came across a brand that I'm going to do an interview with soon, so be sure to watch for that!


November 27, 2010


Have you heard? ... If you don't know get to know. It S.O.B Apparel
The name S.O.B came into existence from the maker's full name:  Shawn-Owen-Button. S.O.B is the brain child of Shawn's rare combination that includes his unique artistic vision and his entrepreneurial drive. Many artistic people find it hard to realize their importance in the industry but Shawn realized that his perception of the world through clothes was needed. And needed it is, and if this is what his perception of the world is then he definitely sees "magic" because that's what his work is!

His work is best described by him as chic mixture between snazzy pop art with modern conceptual twists. A mouthful yes, but I agree 100% percent.
Although some of you might perceive this name maker label as new, you'd be wrong. Since it's commencement in 2008, it has been pulling it's weight in the industry and has been featured in major boutiques such as Fred Segal, Frees Shop Japan and numerous others across the country. Currently residing in California, right now you'd find him hard/effortlessly at work on designing his Spring/Summer 2011 line. 

From the images you can see that this recent collection works with unusual animal and metallic elements with simple structure silhouettes. Pushing the boundary, the inspiration theme of his line was Eskimo warrior which I definitely see in this work and with the rare materials he used such as bobcat and coyote faces which give his garments a uniqueness and something distinguishing to it. Not missing out on the shock appeal, since the garments have that minimalist feel to them. A coyote/bobcat face is very unexpected [and last time I checked we like unexpected].

Clearly he doesn't just dabble in only the women's wear but also does men's wear which if I was a guy, you'd definitely find me in one of these. [what I love about S.O.B is that these pieces can be dressed up and down, that's how versatile his work is]
Shawn's number one philosophy is "creating designs that are simple, but with a big twist."

Interested in knowing more about S.O.B Apparel?
Site: S.O.B Apparel
[SHOP.HERE] ... to shop the line and other pieces.

November 26, 2010


* * * best dressed gent right now, listen to this song, it's love!
Get familiar! ...

November 25, 2010


HAVE YOU HEARD?: Well everyone is on the negative about being scanned at the airport, and not only just a simple X-Ray type scan, but the type that allows you to see everything, yeah everything! So people feel violated that not only do they get the classical perverse padding and the metal detectors [lost my favorite hoodie that way] but also allows them to see you [basically naked, violated much?] ... so as most people are traveling for thanksgiving, I wish you the best so HAPPY THANKSGIVING! lovely people.

November 24, 2010


***a piece of selfless inspiration by Givenchy. Thrown you way.

have some rest ladies and pull out you're sneakers, 'cause right after Thanksgiving [good luck to those traveling] you know we're going to "bargain/sale" hunt for BLACK FRIDAY! Yeah I said it!

November 21, 2010


So here's my second DIY tutorial, my first was on the acid wash jeans, so now we moving on to the stylish [whether-you've-got-a-bad-hair-day-or-not-looks-good-regardless] turban. So to get started on it!

Click below, loves!

November 20, 2010


PLUTOCRACY: "an american born fashion label that exudes luxury. Luxury is not a price point but an attitude . An attitude to detail. A craftsmanship that says; or gives the power to RULE"
PLUTOCRACY is a as you see a label that gives the "power to rule", 
I was on That Good Good Blog and saw her post which was about Kwesi Abbensetts the photographer of theses photos you're seeing [since he was hired by Plutocracy to shot their lookbook for this line]. As much as this could be about Plutocracy, it is also about Kwesi Abbensetts [who brought the talent to bring out the beauty in theses clothes and models, 'cause right now I so want to buy these]. 
These outfits above and below, they are just favorites of mine. The colors, the sophistication and edgyness to it, is just to killer and this whole lookbook was styled by Stylist: Jean S. Hall [google]
This work on make-up was done by Make-up Artist: Apryl Rankin, who I have to say did very detailed yet not in you're face looks [google]. 
The models that did this shoot, were Folasade Adeoso & Liz Coicou

Check out Plutocracy site [HERE]
Find Kwesi Abbensetts blogging [HERE]

November 17, 2010


Kaleidoscope by Fred Butler:
I'm just intriguied by this [more like how a cat's always amused by a ball of yarn] ... I just love the very couture accessories, although very statement like and I'm would wear something a little simpler like a broach at most, 'cause I'm a very minimalist and simple type of dresser [but I would definitely wear a simple dress and dress it up with at least one statement piece], but I appreciate her work and I see her vision for it. These images are very futuristic and very clean, yet so elegant. Being a props stylist and accessories designer, her work is very fun, elegant, and has a very modern and more ahead of our time feel to it, but never too in your face [ I said elegant didn't I] ... she's done a lot of work with magazines and etc, so you know she's not some small fish in a big pond and she's still getting more people to see her vision, me included. 

The photographic work I will have to say is amazing, it really brings out the whole look and the vision.

would love to know WHO did this photo shoot so I can take a look at more of his/her work because it's just too killer, and the way I keep analyzing these two photos I'm starting to sense isn't too healthy [lol]

Ladies and Gentlemen we're dealing with a tweet-aholic here ... yupe ... she's very interactive with people and  can be found tweeting [with about 2,704 tweets and] so you'll find her tweeting HERE

Fred Butler's work can be found HERE on her site
She's also a blogger on blogger too, yum = HERE

November 13, 2010


//love these cluster crystal like rings. [these are $36.00 each]

*** well these lovely pieces come from urbanrevisions brought to you by the brilliant mind of Arlie Trowbridge and all these pieces are handmade.
She's not only making rings and such but she also makes great clothes and other pieces. 

//She's got a blog [CLICK HERE] for urbanrevisions which is to keep you updated & her opinion of fashion and a facebook [CLICK HERE]