August 29, 2011


INSPIRATION PERIOD. have no clue who're the brains and bronze of this brilliance but I raise a glass to you ... if I had one in my hand right now.

August 13, 2011


My vacation has made me so behind ... just heard about Madam Wokie... *gasp*
So what I've learnt so far is that the label is owned by Mary-Ann KaiKai  ... a Sierra Leonean designer, she started the line with a desire to create "stylish, durable and affordable African garments for Sierra Leoneans" although the pieces are on the wishlists of more than just Sierra Leoneans.

The line hails the heritage of Sierra Leon and yet incorporates elegant modern designs. Personally I adore her use of stripes which gives it an asymmetric feel and the color to tone down proven in the picture above. In her other pieces [HERE] I enjoy seeing the same concept run through [asymmetries, shapes, color and mixed with prints]. And although she started with ready-to-wear pieces Madam Wokie has expanded. Her work has made her no stranger to the international fashion world, appearing in major fashion shows such as Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos and African Fashion Week in New York.

Mary-Ann so happens to be a blogger and can be found [HERE] + MORE OF HER WORK TOO...
   *there you could get to understand what she's all about.