February 14, 2011


Azede Jean-Pierre ... a name like music to my ears. The brains and bronze of NEWCOMER blog
This super Atlanta based fashion designer has taken everyone by surprise. 
Sure I came to find out about her on my blog searches on someones "must read".
When I went to her blog I instantly fell in love when I saw that she kind blogged about her life and how she goes about doing the designs, the creating and the shoots of the pieces on models. What's so amazing is that she posts a picture of herself in her creations so you can see it on a person who we relate to more, and dayy-uuum does she wear those pieces, makes me want to shop the collection. :)

Her creative flow is evident in her blog and watching her collection at a runway show would just be a dream.
When you mention Azede you have to give your two cents about her style. She has a very distinguished style which makes you feel like you've seen it before but when you actually look there is a quality about her style that like her collections, are unforgettable.
This Haitian genius who might be emerging ... to me, feels like she's been on the scene for a long time. 
Her pieces you would describe as an avant garde type of elegance above everything else. They push the normal structures and play with fabric placements ... so beautifully you can stick them on a blank canvas and VOILA ... a masterpiece madams! 

Her debut SS/11 Collection which was shown in 2010 can be found on her website [HERE]
Be sure to check it out, the site is so beautiful if I do say so ...
To find out what inspired Azede is a question best answered by her blog [HERE]
I would love to give you a definite description of her collection, but that again is left to you and you're opinion.
Azede Jean-Pierre can be found tweeting [HERE] or maybe tumbling on tumblr [HERE] ...
And I'm certain that: a look at her site and collection will have you falling in love ...

February 8, 2011


The shoe haul, just some of the shoes I bought. Recently cleared my closet and had to do some shopping to replace some things. 
The boots, black pumps and the loafers are from Forever21
The leopard print flats are from Sears [on sale] and the leopard print heels are from Charlotte Russe [on sale too!] and lastly the oxford shoes are from Lulus.

February 4, 2011


Kanye West, Kanye West ... definitely one of the Renaissance men of today! 
Yeah he got into the 'ish with Taylor Swift but all that is long gone, unless we like keeping grudges which I hope we don't.

Kanye undoubtly one of the most stylish men in the industry and a big part in influencing the hip-hop fashion sence, just like the whole New Boyz phenominon. And with the video and pieces of art work that have come out not just in his apparel and music but in his presentations at awards and such, proving his mind is made of colors and thoughts. 
Just like every classic artistic mind. :)
Love the new album as well, full of art and still so clean, I don't usually buy CDs anymore but this one is a must have. Like keeping a piece of art with you. Google his artwork on the album if you haven't see it.

Kanye West: Power [obsessed with this song]