September 28, 2010


Known as one of the major labels who pioneer minimalist aesthetics, these designs defiantely have an a timeless luxury to them. Part from being a mininalist designer inspiration for this German designer comes from the ninties which is very clear when you look at his pieces. I'm a big, big fan of ninties fashion, that era of fashion just makes my face glow. The colors he chooses are definately ninties inspired, and the tailored pieces make me nostalgic of a time I wasn't fully a part of.
Don't know if you'll remember Golden Girls, if you haven't heard of it you've missed a lot in vintage tv shows, showing four women [definately not your ordinary sweet old ladies] who go through life's experiences and their sex lives [especially from Blanch, the promiscouis one]. Every time I watched the episodes I would always look at their clothes and wish I could have one of their pieces, and if you know me, you'll know I love ninties clothes and jewellry. If from the above you can't see the ninties in these then from these images on the right and left, it definately spikes the colors and looks of the ninties hip-hop more afro-fashion that lead a movement into a trend of purely self-expression via colors and properly accessorizing pieces. Jil Sander's designs are very consistent and you know what to expect but what you'll never know what will come out. His pieces have that tailored mens look to them, which is understandable as he designed menswear for a while. Jil Sander neatly encapsulated fashion's turn away from the sartorial excesses of the go-go '80s and made understatement attractive. Armand Limnander Harper's Bazaar. You can find his collections on the runway in Milan, but on his site [HERE] , Barney's and Shopbop for his pieces. Love.


September 19, 2010


my part two on men as inspiration, here are a few themed pictures, the saga like my part une on the GQ men [CLICK HERE]...I love these images 'cause these guys have a "sit down and relax" type of vibe to them, but you can still tell they love to look good by wearing each piece with caution. The pictures say it all about these stud.muffins, so enjoy looking at their instinct lead fashion choices...

[source: modeman, google images]