October 16, 2010


 well these are my bargain steal, after buying these I saw identical like shades that cost about $150, but I got these for about $15 dollars, can you say "take away a zero mister and it's a deal".lol ... of course you would! :)

when did we lose the vision and just go for the "in the name of looking different" arts and crafts. I have no idea who thought the chicken leg would really give it some type of edge, the chicken shoe doesn't even look yummy [at least you could have given me that.lol.] ... if they could change the chicken leg to a black heel ...
If the heel was of the norm it wouldn't have made such an impact on me, but the leg changes everything!
//If getting noticed was what they wanted, you've got me hooked on "wtf!"

//TODAY: winner will be announced tomorrow at midnight, you still have time [remember there are two winners]

[source: shoes via nickienoel]