December 30, 2010


Here it is ... promised a review of an amazing brand and "here he, here he" it has cometh.

Well if you haven't already gotten familiar with ... let me introduce you.
Golden members meet Herds of the Fathers ... Herds of the Fathers meet the original Austin Powers Golden members [that's you]. 

So found out a while ago about Herds of the Fathers and have been following their blog ever since. Now Herds of the Fathers is owned by two guys going by the name of Tobi Babajide and Jason Akoi. These guys are an amazing set of people, especially with the fact that their brand isn't just a brand far from who they are, but IT IS THEM.
When I sent them a message telling them I wanted them on my blog, they were nothing but cool, friendly and like the enterprenuers still "professional"
These guys are trend-setters and actually found out about them 'cause of their style then found out they had a brand too [I was like "WOW"]. I love how UNISEX there stuff is ... forget that they say it's a men's brand, I can totally imagine myself carrying one of those. 
***they pride themselves in selling high-quality goods.They currently offer leather backpacks, duffle bags and mini backpacks.
Herds of the Fathers actually started out as a blog [yeah I know right] then it went on to be so much more than just that. There is so much more I can say about them, but all I will say before I leave you to see the video is that these well dressed gents live their brand and put everything in it, and that's all you can ask for sometimes. :D

***check the video ... it's actually really good! believe me!

December 24, 2010


Model inspiration: ... I love how they look amazing on duty and off duty.

I didn't just post on models for no reason [part from the lovely inspiration] but click [HERE] and see a great interview from Sick by Trend of a model [gorgeous male model] ... forget the images I really enjoyed reading the interview. Go my children AND read lol :D
yay... tomorrows Christmas day, having a get together with old & new lots of food [me and Michelle are cooking]

would do an outfit post ... but I haven't had time to take pictures. sadly

December 23, 2010


Clarissa Labin's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection:
Loving it! Check her site out [HERE]

her designs are very style inspiring, the minimalist feel to them have inspired some outfit ideas. 
you know I like me some minimalist style!

***if you want see more just click the "read more"

December 22, 2010


KANDEE SHOES ... the yummiest looking shoes you'll ever lay you're eyes on. And that's their aim too! 
Josh Wayman the brain behind these great shoes ... like most people who love art, it's hard to feel great in an art class that has a lesson plan. Josh was someone who in his private school's art class didn't feel the creativity because they were painting oranges and apples [boring right!]
I'm loving Josh Wayman 'cause I feel like I can relate especially the fact that he felt that business [apart from art] was something he was good at and he could use later on. He didn't like school so he got into hairdressing [and he enjoyed the creative aspect of it for 3 years] 
Like me Josh doesn't like being told what to do! Dude are you my twin or something from another life. lol.
So with his love for business and art, he started KANDEE SHOES! and the amazing designs are sure to make him known in the fashion industry. KANDEE SHOES has been around since 2009 and even when it was about to launch it got buzz!
KANDEE SHOES started as something you could call spontaneous. From the sketches to the manufacturing to a "baby is born" --- see how I just gave it a Christmas feel > :D
Josh's inspiration for these shoes is "CANDY" ... from it's texture to it's color to it's packaging. I want candy right now! Seriously!
He's main aim for the shoes is to be beautiful and have an almost edible feel to them. And not to forget "extremely well-made shoes". 

Josh is favorite designers would have to include "the classic look of Chanel, the futuristic look of Balenciaga and the dramatic quality of the late Alexandra McQueen.", but for him "my personal style, it's really dependent on the day!"
lovely shoes huh?
The KANDEE woman is "any woman who is fashion forward, quirky, enjoys a good quality pair of shoes and isn't afraid to wear what she likes, when she likes."

You can find him on Twitter
Or even on Facebook [where everyone is]
be sure to check them out and to keep updated on the new designs Josh brings out!

Find KANDEE SHOES on their website ... everything you need to know about KANDEE SHOES is there!

December 21, 2010


a little inspiration for today via the moptop maven
love the turban and the whole look! Even the background is working in her favor.

I've blogged about getting into fashion and all that, in the near future but right now I think it's really going to happen. Obviously I can't design clothes 'cause of no time [you know with school and 'ish] but I've decided to get into something that won't take too much time and will still let me get my creative outlet out!
so when the stars align, I'll let you know about it. So right now, lets not jinx it. :)

December 19, 2010


Everyone's heard about Cee-Lo Green and the now legendary and nominated song "Fuck You" or the less curse filled version "Forget You" [if you haven't heard CLICK HERE]. Well this is a song named "Georgia" by the man himself, another great song to add to you're playlist, that's if your taste lies here.
***found some time to post up something, have been finding some time [enough for a post time] everyday, but just left my blog, although I've been checking out other blogs and loving the reads! But it doesn't feel right when I find something blog-able and I don't do it ... I said my mantra would be to take pictures but I haven't been doing so good [but when I get my DSLR camera, you'll have some photography coming you're way]

ENJOY ... have a great Saturday night!

December 8, 2010


I just adore this ... very punk, very how you say...umm..tough. :)
this was found over at black fashion models ... so get tough.

December 3, 2010


Brand Name: ADEEN
Designers: Rembrandt Duran & Jovany Perez
Website: AdeenBlog
Facebook: ADEEN!

T.M.B: What exactly is ADEENYC?
REMY: ADEENYC is just the name of the store for ADEEN and because we're based out of NYC. I thought it was clever haha But ADEEN the brand is basically a lifestyle brand. Right now we are concentrating on accessories but hopefully one day it will grow into something much much bigger.